Free Photo Effects To Try Out

great photo effect

great photo effect

When it comes to getting your images to look professional, even when you’re taking them with a smartphone, you’ll have to use some common elements that professionals use on a regular basis. You may not know it, but the way you approach shots can become quite helpful overall. Take time to work with all different elements and filters and you’ll find that your phone is a powerful device. Once you take great photos and you find some free photo effects, you’ll be able to upload them and make your friends and family members a bit envious that you have improved your skills to marvelous levels. Before you can start moving forward with that, you’ll first need to look into a few tips to get the most out of your photographs after you’ve shot them.

Sepia Tone – You want that old photograph look? Than utilize the sepia tone option in any free program and try to drop the lighting a little. You’ll need to work on tweaking this a little because often times the overlay of color is too powerful and makes modern images still look modern instead of looking older. Try to add grain to it if at all possible.

Primary Overlays – If you want a cool stained glass look, add color than drop the opacity so that it’s not quite overbearing. Often times you’ll see filters in applications that let you add overlaying colors that saturate an image with green, blue, orange, and reds. Cycle through the initial options here and then tone down the overall density, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Crop – Crop your images and get them ready to be put in frames. Imagine a frame around each image you take and crop them to have the maximum effect. If done correctly, you will have a glorious example of photography. You’ll have to work on different ways to utilize this method, but it’s one of the standard elements utilized by photographers to create images that captivate.

When you’re looking to use free photo effects, the above three are just a few ideas that you can play with. After you’ve done all the modifications to your photographs, you should definitely try out some frames. There are a lot of different frames that you can put your images in, and many of them are beyond the basic options. No matter what you want to say with your images, adding a decorative or exotic frame and border can really set up an awesome photograph. Look for free options that will let you go from a good shot to a great shot and you’ll wonder why you ever uploaded frameless photos to begin with. Once you start adding fames, you won’t ever upload anything simplistic again, that’s for sure.

The above tips are just simple ideas, there are so many different options that you can implement, it’s just a matter of toying with the shots that you take. Take them to the next limit by taking photographs at all times, no matter what you have in your crosshairs.

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